Sero Capital

Founded in 2018, Sero Capital is headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, and led by seasoned experts with broad and multidisciplinary experience, and proven records of success.

Sero Capital

Our Team

Our Philosophy

Sero’s innovative approach is to invest in plants and harvest the seeds of change. We are committed change agents applying our expertise and resources to take companies to the next level. 

PEOPLE. We are firm believers in meritocracy. We work hand-in-hand with experienced management teams to create change and reap the benefits of it.

PARTNERS. Every opportunity is unique, and we never forget that our success depends on our companies’ success. We listen, learn and build the future together.

ACCESS. We are problem solvers who are easy to work with. We are small, nimble, accessible and believe that flat hierarchies produce better results.

AMBITION. Our desire to win is transparent. We’re in this to build and run sustainable businesses, and we have the knowledge, experience, and drive to succeed.

EXPERTISE. We are experts with a deep understanding of products, technology, and digital landscapes with a proven track record of success.

Who We Invest In

Sero Capital invests in mid-market companies with unrealized high growth potential. We help these companies transition to value-generating market leaders.